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Igor Chess Clock

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      Igor Chess Clock is a program that simulates chess clocks used in tournaments and in regular games between friends. It is intended for people who know how to use a chess clock in real life. This program is useful for times when you need a chess clock but don't have access to one. The time is displayed in an Igor window, and the keyboard is used to toggle the time between players. This program supports only total initial time and does not support fixed number of moves within a limited time or adding time to the clock after it has started. Refer to the readme.txt file for more information. If you use this program, you are encouraged to e-mail questions, comments and suggestions to [ s t e v e c @ q i g u a n g . n e t ].



      To download the latest and only version (0.1), use the links below:

  • Zip file containing the source, a compiled binary, and the image files: icc.zip
  • Readme file with notes on usage: readme_icc.txt
  • The source code in html format with hyperlinks to functions: icc.html


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