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SNC DDG Calculator

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      SNC DDG Calculator is a patch data analysis tool developed for WaveMetrics Igor Pro versions 4 and higher. The entire program is contained in a single procedure file, which can be downloaded from this page. The main function of this program is to read in V_half and Slope values from Boltzman-fitted G-V curves and calculate DG and DDG values, average these values, and create graphs to represent the averaged DDG data. This program is still in active development, and new features/bug fixes are being addressed as they arise. If you use this program, you are encouraged to e-mail questions, comments and suggestions to [ s t e v e c @ q i g u a n g . n e t ].


Version History

Stable version released on 2003.09.28. All known bugs fixed and new features added:

  • Text data display now displays averaged Vh and Slope values.
  • Graphing of Z, Vh and Slope values is now available.
  • Sorting by "Name" has been replaced by "Sequence."
  • Sorting of graphs by "Max DDG" and "Min DDG" have been relabled "Ascending" and "Descending" and are now fucntional.
  • Issue with displaying SEM while using WT graphing options has been fixed.
  • Restart button works.
  • "Differentiate By" checkboxes have been removed. To specify unique color/fill styles for traces, just double click the graph and use the default graph options panel.


This is the version that was demoed on 2003.09.17 and distributed to lab members via e-mail. There are several bugs and incomplete features. Known issues include:

  • Displays of averaged V_half and Slope values are not available.
  • Graphing of V_half, Slope and Z values is not available ("Other Graphs" button does not work).
  • In the "Create DDG Graphs" panel, sorting by Max DDG and Min DDG does not work.
  • In the "Create DDG Graphs" panel, concurrently selecting "Show SEM" and either "Divide by WT" or "Subtract WT" will result in an error.
  • In the "Create DDG Graphs" panel, the "Differentiate:" options have no effect. This feature may be dropped in future versions because the user can easily specify colors and patterns by double-clicking on the graph.
  • The "Restart" button doesn't completely reset the GUI. If you want to start over, just close the window and open SNC DDG Calculator again.


      To download the latest version (0.2), click on the links below:



      E-mail me questions, and I'll post them along with their answers here for the benefit of others who visit this page. Your personal info (i.e. name) will not be displayed here.

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