Igor Programs

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      These programs were all developed for WaveMetrics Igor Pro versions 4 and higher. Click on the links below or use the menu on the top for more information. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at [s t e v e c @ q i g u a n g . n e t].

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      A patch data analysis tool for electrophysiology and other experiments where it is necessary to calculate changes in Gibbs free energy (DG and DDG) based on V_half and slope values obtained through boltzmann-fitted conductance vs. voltage curves. Quick and intuitive comparisons between DDG values of different mutants is also provided, along with the ability to update and change large sets of data with relative ease. Graphs are created of DDG values as well as V_half, Slope and Z.


      This is a chess clock program in Igor for use with the game of chess. It allows users to use the keyboard to alternate turns and time usage on the clock. Animated character expressions are an optional feature.

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       [Click for larger image.]   IGOR 2 HTML

      A variant of the ubiquitous c2html, this program takes as input an Igor .ipf file and produces as output a .html file with a contents area containing hyperlinks to macros, functions and windows.

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